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File Transfer to and from Fritz FTP

- A detailed description of the remote folder structure is contained on page Help Info.

Att: passwords with Umlauts are probably not supported!
(more precisely, chars with ASCII code > 126, see ASCII codes)

Connection Type Allowed Users Description Connect
Public any Enter your e-mail address to connect to the Public FTP
(and click Login).
e-mail address:
You may download (i.e. read) files from any remote folder under Public, except Upload.
You may upload (i.e. write) files to any remote folder under Public/Upload.
Authorized Authorized Users *) Enter authorized credentials to connect to the Protected FTP
(and click Login).
You may up- and download (i.e. read and write) files from/to any remote folder, except foreign Private folders.
To your own Private folder just you have access, i.e. nobody else can even view those files.
*) Trustable people from outside may be communicated the password for this FTP. Please ask the admin to obtain the current password.

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