Pit (Peter) FRITZ

Institute for Geotechnical Engineering
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
8093 Zürich, Switzerland
Private: Horgen or Walzenhausen (click for maps)
       e-mail:            pit@fritz.ch
       Website office:    http://www.fritz.ch:8080/
       Website private:   http://www.fritz.ch/

Personal Data
Date of birth: August 18, l947
Citizen of: Zürich, Switzerland
Marital Status: Married, four children, and six grandchildren
 Stammbaum: insiders may have a look to my Ancestral Tree.
Hobbies: family life, be a do-it-yourselfer, skiing incl. snowboarding, biking
Commitments in Clubs and political Parties:
1972: Member of the historical guild of Kämbel in Zürich, since 1978 as Ensign, since 2000 as Webmaster.
1978: Election as Local Councillor (Gemeinderat) of Schwerzenbach.
1981: Member of the Skiclub of Horgen, 4 years in the board of management.
2000: Election as School Curator in Horgen.
2009: Responsible for the hiking trails in Walzenhausen.
2012: Election as President of a Road Cooperative in Walzenhausen.
Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich (ETH-Z), Civil Engineering Department (l966 - l970)
Civil Engineering Diploma
Institute of Geotechnical Engineering (former Road Construction and Rock Engineering) at the ETH-Z (l973 - 1981)
Doctoral Thesis on Numerical Methods in Rock Engineering (1980)
Microsoft Certified Professional (1997)
Languages: German, English, Spanish, French
Professional Experience
l971 - 1973: Motor-Columbus Consulting Engineers, Baden
    • Project work and project management (Water Power Stations Matucana, Peru and Santa Isabel, Bolivia)
    • Computer program (FORTRAN, IBM 1130) for the calculation of surge tank oscillations
    • Computer program (FORTRAN, IBM 1130) for the design of the ventilation in deeply located tunnels (Gotthard Base Tunnel)
    • Static and hydraulic studies for caverns
    • One year onsite construction supervision (Water Power Station Bremgarten-Zufikon)
Since 1973: Institute for Geotechnical Engineering, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH-Zürich
    • Scientific studies in the areas of Computer Sciences, Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering
      - Numerical solution of rheological problems in rock mechanics
      - Development of computational models for tunnel design
      - Standardization of the computational models for analyzing the stability of rock slopes and dams
      - Development of the Integrated Measuring Technique for registering the forces in tunnel linings
      - Radio-active waste disposal
    • Consultant for the following projects:
      - Tunnels: St. Gotthard, Zimmerberg, Kerenzerberg, Rosenberg, Hagenholz, Hermetschloo, Arlberg (Austria), Artemission (Greece), Niteroi (Brazil), Santa Teresa (Venezuela), Analco San Jose (México)
      - Subways in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Munich, Paris, México City (see also 10vor10 of TV). - Caverns: Haldenstein, Moenchsberg (Austria), Porabka Zar (Poland)
      - Landslides in Prättigau and near Gersau
      - Test laboratory Grimsel for nuclear waste disposal
    • Leader of the working group for the development of the program system RHEO-STAUB
      - RHEO-STAUB was first written in Assembler and FORTRAN for Mainframes of IBM, Control Data and Cray Research, running under the operating systems VM/CMS/VSAM, SCOPE, NOS, NOS/VE and COS. It was installed at various places in Europe, U.S.A., Canada, México, Brazil and Iran
      - Starting at 1984 it was rewritten for IBM Personal Computers (PC) under the operating systems DOS and OS/2. This version was sold to more than 100 hundred consulting engineers all over the world
    • Special developments for the PC-Version of RHEO-STAUB
      - Dynamic memory organization
      - Text oriented menu system in the programming language C
      - Interactive graphic editor in C
      - User friendly programming environment with context sensitive help
      - Bulletin Board System for clients
    • Finite Element Development Framework IMAGINE based on the object oriented paradigm, written in the programming language C++
      - Class Library for graphical user interface and applications
      - Object oriented Solid (Boundary-) Modeler
      - Application program for problems in Rock Engineering based on the Framework
    • Development of Websites
    • Current development: AutoCAD add-on AutoBlock for investigating stability problems of slopes and foundations in three dimensions.
    • Administrative framework for automatic inventorying, security evaluation and centralized manipulation of the IT infrastructure at IGT (access with IGT password only).
Lectures and publications
Special functions
  • Informatics consultant of the Institute for Geotechnical Engineering at ETH-Z
  • System Administrator of a Local Area Network
  • Webmaster of the 1st World Wide Website of the Institute for Geotechnical Engineering at ETH-Z.
  • Former Editor in Chief and Webmaster of the Software Reviews for Geotechnical Engineering, an autonomous part of the Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering EJGE
  • Former member of a working group responsible for introducing PC's for students at the Civil Engineering Department at ETH-Z
  • Assistant Editor of the International Journal for Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering (until 1990)
  • Member of the European Technical Committee ETC7 of ISSMGE, on Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering.
Present position