Intranet for IGT Administrators

As a rule, this branch of IGT Website (i.e. all pages which are loacted below "Administration" in the table of contents hierarchy tree) are intended to provide support pages for administrative tasks of IGT Lan. I.e. this section is available for users with administrative permissions only. Other users are not able to view these pages. Some exceptions exist for pages with informative character only, e.g. in the How to and the Trouble Shooting sections.

When entering this forum for the first time you are prompted for your username/password (the same ones you have to enter for connecting to our Lan or for fetching your e-mail). Without a valid password you are not able to view the pages.

Administration of a Network includes

  • Design and Planning
  • Deployment
  • Monitoring
  • Management

At IGT we mainly rely on the following tools to cover these tasks: